Holiday Recipes/Collections/Roundups

For Halloween:
 'Eyeball" Stew
Mice and Crunchy Eyeballs
Spider Cake and Spider Eggs
Tate's Hell Eggs
Spicy Witchy Fingers 
Green Spider Dip 
Halloween Roundup Ideas

Thanksgiving and Christmas
Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Wild Rice Stuffing (vegetarian)
Boozy Cranberry Sauce
Awesome Green Bean Casserole 
French Waffles  (Fransk Vafler) 
Prime Rib Roast Part One
Prime Rib Roast Part Two
Yorkshire Puddings
Fransk Vafler (updated)
Marzipan Fruits
Fruitcake Part One
Fruitcake Part Two
Remarkable Flaky Pie Crust
Cranberry Cream Cheese Tarts 
Butter Tarts
Home Made Caramels
Sugar Cookies 
Thanksgiving Sides and ideas 
Mushroom Duxelle 
Pork Loin with Duxelle Stuffing 
Coconut Snowball Truffles 
Thanksgiving Countdown -what's next
Thanksgiving Timeline for the big day

Special Dinners or Lunches

Scallop Cakes 

Easter Stuff
Penguin Eggs 
Deviled Egg Chicks
Coconut Surprise Pie 
Bunny Cake
Easter Ideas
Dutch Baby Pancake

St. Patrick's Day 
Corned Beef
Irish Soda Bread 
Bread Pudding with Soda Bread 

Cinco de Mayo
5 Recipes for Cinco de Mayo 

Roundups and Collections

Tailgating Part One 

Tailgating Part Two 
Tailgating Part Three 
Tailgating Part Four

Favorite recipe for 2014
Readers Faves for 2014  
Dessert Roundup for 2014
Best Snacks and Appetizers for 2014
2014 Cookie Carnival

Tailgating Reveal for SRC
Holiday Treats 
Best Snacks and Appetizers of 2015
Best Breakfasts of 2015
Best Main Dish of 2015 
Most Popular /Faves of 2015
Best Dessert of 2015
My Personal Favorite(s) for 2015

Valentine's Day 3 Ingredient Ideas
Game Day Wings
Pancake Day Roundup 
Back to School
First Monday Favorites
Countdown to 2017
Best Appetizers
Best Breakfast
Best Main Dish
Best Dessert
Best Crockpot
Most popular 
 Wild Card

First Monday Favorites


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