Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boat Club for February 2014

Seems like it was just the other day we attended Boat Club, but it has been a month, already.  And this has been a busy month for me.   I've not done a lot of cooking, or baking or messing around in the kitchen this past month and I miss it.  

And quite frankly, up until about 2 pm yesterday, I had no idea just what I was making to bring to Boat Club.  I'd come up with a couple of ideas, but just did not feel up to going to town to buy the stuff for them.  

So I fell back on some tried and true.

I channeled my Danish side, and made some Frikadeller and then decided at about 5 pm that the cauliflower I had in the fridge could be cooked and brought as well.  So I did.   I did do a twist on the Frikadeller though and I'll share that in a day or so. 

I thought I would explain Boat Club a little.  Basically it's due to the generosity of a couple of people who belong to the local boat club.   They have access to this wonderful clubhouse and host a monthly gathering and everyone brings something to contribute.  And since we have some incredible cooks and bakers in this area, it's a win win situation for those who like to cook/bake and those who like to eat.  

I know I've gotten so many recipes and ideas from others here, and I have incorporated those into my own cooking and baking.  

If you can't steal, I mean, copy from others, then what's the fun in cooking?  

So without further ado or hyperbole, here are the dishes that were featured last night: 
From the top...

Sweet Potato Casserole, with yummy crunchy top. 
Lasagna, always a popular item, and it had pasta in it, so you know I had some.
 These were so good, I don't know who brought them, but little bites of asian yummy.
 Then there were Lentils, which were very good.
 And the chicken wings, always so popular and good.  I'm still trying to perfect mine, but for now I'll happily eat these. 
 I made some Frikadeller and I'll tell you about them in another post, I did a twist on the basic recipe.
 I also made some Cauliflower, and dressed them Danish style.   I'll tell you about that later.
 There were some really good meatballs, and sorry for the quality of the picture, I took several and my camera just supersaturates reds.  I need to figure out a better setting, sigh.  Or maybe just learn how to take pictures?
 Beans, I'm such a sucker for beans, sigh.
 Kathy made and brought an Edamame Salad..  Not only did it look pretty, it tasted really good.

 Chinese Salad, very nice.  I do love this kind of salad.
 Coleslaw, just something about cabbage, I like it all.
 Jambalaya Rice.  A different twist on the regular kind.  And it was good.
 Look at this salad.  So good, I never think to put all that on a salad unless I'm at a salad bar and it's right there in front of me. 
And then there were the desserts.  It is Valentine Month after all and the dishes that were brought reflected that.
Pecan Pie, well, it is the south and we love our Pecan Pie. 

Gotta have chocolate, I think there's a law about that. 
 Then there was a lovely cream puff dessert, OMG good.  I'm so stealing this idea. 
 Lemon Tarts, and another cake which I didn't try, cause gee, Lemon Tarts, so very good, can you tell I like Lemons...
 Persimmon bread, I love it when someone makes something like this and I get to taste it.  
 The famous or infamous Chocolate Oatmeal Cake cooked in a electric skillet.   I have the recipe and I will share it.  This is so moist and good. 

Well I guess that wraps it up for this month, and if I missed anything, I'm sorry, but I may have been too busy eating or socializing or just hanging out with some incredible people.  
Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

Sid loves to cook, feed people and have fun in the kitchen. She shares her successes and the involuntary offerings she sometimes gives the kitchen goddess as well. And she's still looking for the mythical fairy to help her clean the kitchen after a marathon cooking session. Currently working on a cookbook showcasing the recipes from her Danish heritage.

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