Friday, November 4, 2016

Garlic Bread Spread for Romano Crisps

I made this Bean Dip for our SRC Fall themed reveal last week.  I served it with some Romano Crisps I made.  Traci serves her dip with Parmesan Crisps and I thought that was brilliant so I pulled out some Romano Cheese, and then made some of my Garlic Bread Spread.

Romano Cheese Crisps

I had some lovely cheese topped Artisan Rolls in the freezer, which were begging to be used.
OK, so they weren't quite begging, but it was close.

I took them out of the freezer, placed them on the counter, wrapped in paper towel* to thaw.   As they were thawing I was making my Garlic Bread spread.  Which I realized I've never shared before.

It's my secret recipe, but since we're close friends, I'll go ahead and share. 
Just don't tell anyone where you got it though, OK?

yield: 1/2 cup print recipe

Garlic Bread Spread

prep time: 5 MINScook time: 5 MINStotal time: 10 mins
I've been making this Garlic Bread Spread for years. And I consider it one of my better recipes. The slight hint of Red Pepper in the Dipping spices adds a piquant touch. 


  • 1/4 cup Olive Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons softened butter (1/4 cup)
  • 1 minced garlic clove (using a microplane) or 1 roasted Garlic Clove
  • 1/4 + teaspoon Alessi Italian Dipping spice (the kind in the grinder)


  1. Warm the Olive Oil in a pan, add the minced garlic and let it cook for about 1-2 minutes, then add the Alessi Dipping spice. Take off of the heat and add the softened butter and whisk together. Let stand for 1 hour, then use on bread.
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I sliced the Artisan Bread Rolls into thin slices, and then used my Pastry brush to cover the slices with the Garlic Spread.  
I then sprinkled the bread with a little Romano Cheese, put then on a parchment covered baking sheet,
placed it in the oven on the lowest rack and broiled them on low for 3 minutes.  It did not take long and they were lovely and golden.  I then turned them over and broiled them an additional 2 minutes until golden and crisp.  

This Spread is wonderful on, not just Garlic Bread, but can top a Baked Potato, or on grilled cheese or...

If there is leftover Garlic Bread, I like to warm it up a little then drizzle some honey on top and eat it for breakfast.  So good.
*When taking bread from the freezer to thaw, wrap it in a paper towel to absorb moisture and keep it from having a 'soggy bottom'.
Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

Sid loves to cook, feed people and have fun in the kitchen. She shares her successes and the involuntary offerings she sometimes gives the kitchen goddess as well. And she's still looking for the mythical fairy to help her clean the kitchen after a marathon cooking session. Currently working on a cookbook showcasing the recipes from her Danish heritage.

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