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Cauliflower Stuffed Ravioli

I've been part of a group called Soup Saturday Swappers for a couple of years now, and have fun pretty much every month posting about the 'Soup of the Month'.   We have a theme every month, and make and post a soup including that them.

Cauliflower Stuffed Ravioli

This month we did a Noodle soup theme, and I made these stuffed Ravioli and used them in the Spinach Soup.  Ideally I should have included the recipe and how to's in the original post, but when I tried it, the post was so long, I decided I needed to divide it and make this a second, separate post.
Spinach Soup with Cauliflower Ravioli

I've been making home made noodles for years, I think there is nothing better than home made noodles in a home made chicken soup.
The flavor of both, heaven.

I also made a baked noodle dish a couple of years ago for a Baking Bloggers post.  And have since made it a couple of times.  It's sorta like Kugel, but oh so very good.  It's called Rakott Teszta and is a layered noodle dish.

The basic rules apply in this dish as well, but the proportions are a touch different.

And I didn't have a proper Ravioli press, so I used my Pierogi press instead.
It worked like a dream.

I made the filling out of riced Cauliflower, red onions and Gouda cheese.  The onions turned a little purple when they cooked.

Cauliflower Filling for Stuffed Ravioli

I used a dumpling press I'd had hanging around, forever. Originally purchased to make Pierogi's with.  I'll get to them eventually.
Cauliflower Stuffed Ravioli

The finished Ravioli, and this wasn't even the best looking of the bunch, they all turned out pretty darn nice looking. Those little specks on there, are from the semolina.  It kept them from sticking in the press. 
Cauliflower Stuffed Ravioli

The Ravioli, cooking in some lovely chicken stock.  I did crowd the pot a little, but they turned out OK. 

Cauliflower Stuffed Ravioli

Cauliflower and Cheese Stuffed Ravioli

Yield: 4 generous servings in soup
Prep time: 45 MCook time: 3 MTotal time: 48 M
These hearty, yet delicate Ravioli go so well in a soup.


  • 2 cups AP  flour + 2-3 tablespoons of flour as needed
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1-3 tablespoons water (if needed for moisture)
  • Semolina flour for sprinkling
Cauliflower Filling
  • 2 cups riced cauliflower, cooked, with the liquid squeezed out.
  • 1/2 small onion, finely diced
  • 1/2-3/4 cup shredded Gouda cheese
  • 1 tablespoon Ghee
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


How to cook Cauliflower and Cheese Stuffed Ravioli

  1. Add the first four ingredients to the bowl of a food processor, and mix until it comes together as a ball.  If it looks a little too moist, add a tablespoon of flour until it comes together, too dry add water, a teaspoon at a time.  You're looking for a dough which resembles pie dough.
  2. Dump out onto a floured surface and knead it together for a couple of minutes.  the dough should be fairly elastic. If it seems too dry, add water, a teaspoon at a time.  If it feels too sticky, add flour, a tablespoon at a time.   You're aiming for a smooth elastic dough. 
  3. Wrap up tightly and let it set and rest up for at least 30 minutes, an hour is better. 
  4. After 30 minutes, divide the dough into quarters and using either a rolling pin or a pasta machine, roll out the dough thinly.
  5. If using a rolling pin, roll out as thin as possible, then fold the dough in thirds, like an envelope and roll out again. Repeat at least 3 times. This makes for silky soft noodles. Roll the dough out as thin as you can. Cut into noodles or leave as a large sheet. Leave to dry for at least an hour before cooking it. As this is fresh dough, it will only take a minute or two in boiling water.
  6. If using a pasta machine, place each piece through the machine on the widest setting, then fold it in thirds, and put through the machine one to two times.
  7. Then go to the next setting, and repeat.
  8. Finish off with the lowest setting. When you get to this step, do not fold the dough over, just feed it through the setting one or two more times. This makes the dough very thin, but it should still be fairly elastic.
  9. You should have several sheets of dough.  Place a piece of plastic wrap over all but one sheet.   Sprinkle a teensy bit of semolina on a dumpling press,Cut rounds out of the sheet and place on a dumpling press. Fill the center with some of the Cauliflower mixture, and close the press up, using firm pressure to seal the edges. Try to avoid any air pockets.  Place the filled Ravioli  onto a plate, sprinkling a little semolina over top to keep them from sticking to each other, and place some plastic wrap over top. Continue to fill the Ravioli's until all cauliflower mixture is used.  I got just over 15 stuffed Ravioli's from this recipe, and froze the excess dough to be used at a later date.  You can freeze the dough, it does freeze well.  Just let it thaw in the fridge overnight. 
  10. Cook the stuffed Ravioli's in either chicken stock, vegetable stock or even salted water. They are done when they float to the top. You'll find that the soft dough firms up nicely when they are cooked. 
Cauliflower filling
  1. Cook the cauliflower, and squeeze out the liquid.  I zap it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, place the cauliflower rice in a clean dishcloth and squeeze out the liquid.  Discard the liquid.
  2. Melt the ghee in a pan, and add the diced onions. Let it saute just until they are translucent.  Add the cauliflower and cook an additional minute or two.  Turn off the heat and stir in the shredded Gouda Cheese.  Set aside to cool.
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Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

Sid loves to cook, feed people and have fun in the kitchen. She shares her successes and the involuntary offerings she sometimes gives the kitchen goddess as well. And she's still looking for the mythical fairy to help her clean the kitchen after a marathon cooking session. Currently working on a cookbook showcasing the recipes from her Danish heritage.


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