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Sherried Cream of Mushroom Soup

 This was a hard post to write.  Just cause I had to remake the soup a couple of times so that the finished soup matched the concept I had in mind when I started it. 

The soup tasted great, each time, but honestly, it didn't look all that great.  

The theme this month for Soup Saturday Swappers was Mushrooms. 

And I wanted to add a little something.  So I floated a spoonful of sherry on top of the bowl and stirred it in and my mouth thanked me.  

It did, really...

Sherried Cream of Mushroom Soup

Personally and please don't throw things, but I love canned cream of mushroom soup.  I know it's full of mystery ingredients, but I like it.   

I based this soup on a recipe I got from a TV chef called Fred Wix.  He had a very popular segment on the noon news back in Salt Lake City many years ago.   

Fred rapturously extolled the incredible flavor of Vidalia Onions on one segment, and when I spotted the onions in a local supermarket I bought them.   And made the dish just as he'd outlined, it was full of onions and fresh mushrooms.  It was a hit, at least with me.  

I've since made it many times, tweaking and twiddling along the way.  And then it hit me, I could make this into an awesome soup.  

So I did.  

I then made the mistake of using my immersion blender to break up the mushrooms, which made for a rather unappetizing look, even though it tasted amazing.  But mushrooms do tend to go a rather yucky looking brownish grey when you do that. 

Lesson learned.  The next time I made the broth creamy, and didn't brown the mushrooms.  So good, and perfect, at least for  my taste.

Sherried Cream of Mushroom Soup

It was perfect with a buttered roll for dinner. 

Sherried Cream of Mushroom Soup


Sherried Cream of Mushroom Soup

Sherried Cream of Mushroom Soup

Yield: 4-6 Servings or more as an apertif
Author: Sid's Sea Palm Cooking -
Prep time: 10 MinCook time: 20 MinTotal time: 30 Min
This light, delicate and rich soup is perfect served as a light lunch or dinner or as an apertif before a large meal.


  • 4 cups Chicken Broth
  • 8 oz. Mushrooms, sliced
  • 1/2 Vidalia Onion - softball size - sliced or diced
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2-3 oz. butter mixed with 2-3 tablespoons flour to form a roux
  • 1 clove garlic -sliced or mashed
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh marjoram leaves
  • 4 tablespoons butter for sauteing the mushrooms and onions - 2 tablespoons butter for each one.
  • Sherry for topping - approximately 1 tablespoon per bowl or serving.


  1. Saute the onions until translucent but not browned in two tablespoons of butter.  Add the garlic clove and heat through.   Add the onions and garlic mixture to 4 cups of good chicken broth.  Let simmer until the onions are done a little more, then using an immersion blender, mix well.  Add the fresh herbs and simmer for a few minutes.
  2. While the stock and onion mixture is simmering, wash and slice the mushrooms and cook them over low heat with two tablespoons of butter.  Do not let them brown, just cook through. Set aside for a minute.
  3. Make a roux and whisk into the chicken and onion stock.  Let it come to a boil, and simmer for a couple of minutes, so that the flour is cooked.  Turn off the heat and add the cream and the mushrooms.  Turn the heat on low and let heat through. 
  4. Serve in individual small bowls and top with about a tablespoon of sherry or a soupspoon full.


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Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

Sid loves to cook, feed people and have fun in the kitchen. She shares her successes and the involuntary offerings she sometimes gives the kitchen goddess as well. And she's still looking for the mythical fairy to help her clean the kitchen after a marathon cooking session. Currently working on a cookbook showcasing the recipes from her Danish heritage.


  1. Your perseverence was well rewarded. Gorgeous photos.

  2. Going to give this a go - just bought some Portobellos Cheers


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