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Review and Giveaway- Canlock, Cankey and Canpop

I'm doing another Giveaway after I review these fun gadgets, well, they're actually pretty useful tools to have in the kitchen, and you can keep the Canpop and Canlock in your purse or pocket or?

I told you about the great box I received from Brix Design just before Christmas in the other post.   You can read about it here.

In that goodie box were also these.

The Canlock, Canpop and Cankey

First up: The Canpop and Canlock.
Canpop and Canlock
I don't drink a lot of soda's in cans.  I've encountered too many 'involuntary guests' in my cans after they've been opened and partially consumed.
And quite frankly I dislike opening the cans as well.  I've gotten more snags and broken fingernails trying to pry those little tabs up.
I've broken off more than my share as well.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to open a can after the tab breaks off?
You've done it too, huh?  I tell you, that screwdriver I keep in the kitchen drawer comes in pretty handy sometimes.
But it doesn't have to do double duty anymore.
I now have my very own Canpop, and it doesn't take up hardly any room in my drawer.  And the extra one that comes in the package, now keeps my corkscrew and bottle opener company in my little 'beverage purse'. Yup, there's two in each package. 

And the Canlock.    I can just use one of these on my open can and swivel it around to cover the opening and VOILA!!! no more visitors.
Finally I can relax and enjoy the whole can.   Which is a great thing.  Cause when I do drink soda from a can, I'll take a sip, then let it sit to get the chill off and by that time, sigh.
A bee or other critter has gone in to investigate that little opening with the great sugar smell and I get a mouthful of soda and something added. (I live in Florida and the Palmetto bugs are opportunistic little twerps) These little Canlocks are going to keep the Canpop company in my beverage purse. And there's an extra one I can keep in my regular purse cause you can also use them as an opener as well.

Last but not least, the Cankey.
This is great for leveraging the tab on a pop top can of Olives, Soup or whatever you have that you need some help with. 
Actually this ranks right up there with my list of favorite peeves.  Those cans with the little 'easy open' tabs, all you have to do is pull and the can is opened.  And if you do get it open, well, let me just say this, I've had to clean up my share of stuff that spills out over everything.  And it's never on something that you can just wipe off, nope, it's clothes or all over the freshly wiped counter or the floor or the front of the cabinet.
Yeah right.
I've pulled more tabs off of those cans and then was faced with a partially opened can or the tab just came right off.  grrrr
Not any more.  That Cankey is wonderful.  I had to open a couple of extra cans cause I couldn't believe just how easy it made it.

Anyone need beans or soup or olives?  I've got a few cans that are open...  How about some mushrooms?

Don't forget to register for the Giveaway.  I'm leaving this one open for a full week.   

Brix Design A/S  was generous enough that they sent me extras' so it became a one for me and one for some lucky person.
One of my lucky readers - US only! - can enter to win theseThe Giveaway runs from January 17th till January 24th.  The colors may vary from the picture. (and the Teacloth is not included, it's just there for staging, but you can buy them at Trader Joe's).
I received the Canlock, Canpop and Cankey from Brix Design.   I did not receive any other compensation for this post, and was not paid to publish positive comments. My opinions are my own.

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Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

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