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Sherry Onions

Many, many years ago there was a restaurant in Victoria, B.C.,  called "The Meatmarket"  They served gourmet hamburgers, with all kinds of wild toppings. 

I would treat myself to a meal there from time to time, and always ordered the same burger.  It had a topping of sherry onions.  They were silky, soft and so flavourful, that you didn't need anything else on top of the meat.  At least I don't remember getting anything on top of the meat other than those heavenly onions.  OMG, they were good. 
Sherry Onions

I got invited to a burger cookout and offered to bring the toppings, and one of the toppings I brought were my version of those heavenly, gorgeous, flavourful, delicious onions.

Get the impression I like onions?

You'd be right, I do.

In fact I've been known to pile onions, caramelized and raw, on top of bun, squirt a little BBQ sauce or my Blossom Dip on top and then eat them,  without any meat. 

I keep breath mints handy though.

I did a trial run the day before the cookout, and ended up taste testing almost half of the onions, but that's OK, cause I made more. 

Actually I did two kinds of cooked onions and some sliced raw onions as well. And even pickled some red onions.  I'll tell you about them in another post though.

Nothing like excess.

I used Vidalia onions for this, as I thought that the sweet onions would be perfect, but I think you can use good old yellow onions.  Using Vidalia's or sweet onions, you do have to be a touch more vigilant in cooking them, because they like to cook down to mush faster than regular onions.

The trick here is to cook them low and slow, get a little color but not cook them to mush.  I also used some Ghee, home Ghee that is.  I keep some in the freezer all the time.

 Here is a shot of how I let it sit and separate.

I like to cut them into wedges before peeling.  
 In the pan, with a drizzle of ghee on top. As they start to cook. 

Sherry Onions
 After they've been cooking a little while.
Sherry Onions

Sherry Onions
Sherry Onions

Yield: 6 or more or less
prep time: 5 Mcook time: 29 Mtotal time: 34 M
These are a perfect topper to a hamburger or any kind of sandwich which calls for cooked onions.


  • 6 medium onions, cut into wedges, 6 or so per onion, separated
  • 2-4 tablespoons of Ghee or 2 tablespoons  butter and 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (if desired)
  • 2 tablespoons + sherry


How to cook Sherry Onions

  1. Cut the onions into wedges, then separate the layers.  Melt the ghee or butter and olive oil over low heat.  Add the onions, and cook  for at least 25 minutes, stirring occasionally, just until they start to turn color and get a little golden.   Add the sherry and continue to cook for another minute.  Here is where you taste test and add more sherry if desired. 
  2. Serve hot on top of a hamburger or just a plain broiled hamburger patty.
Note:  You can also make some up and freeze them for future use if desired.  Add them to a stew or soup or chili, for an extra burst of oniony goodness. 
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Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

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  1. I love onions; I love cooking with sherry. Can't wait to try this recipe. Thanks!

    1. Try it,you'll like it. The sherry taste is very subtle though, but so good.


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