Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tapas Night for June

It was our monthly Tapas Night, last night. 
There was standing room only again.  I know cause I didn't get to sit down once.  But, I had great time chatting with people, a lot of people.    A few newbies, and a lot of regular attendees. 

However, I know you came here to find out what food was brought, go ahead, admit it.    I took a lot of pictures last night, and I probably missed a dish or two, but hey, I like to visit and eat as well.

I thought I would add a couple of pictures of some of the prep work.   I like to figure out what goes where, or rather what foods go in which dishes beforehand and put them out, ready to go.

I knew I wanted to put the cold cuts on these two plates, aren't they pretty, I got them last month from a local shop, Shop by the Sea (shameless plug here) has the most fun stuff. All kinds of collectibles and artwork. 
 I also wanted to put out some fun potato chips for which I made a fun dip, which I will tell you about later, in a whole new post even. 

I wanted to put out some Chips and Salsa as well.  That long green platter is one I got at Shop by the Sea as well.    I love it.

And I made some of my No-Knead Bread to go with the cold cuts.
And now to the offerings, well, the wonderful dishes that were brought and shared.   And all I can say is this, if you go home hungry, that's your problem.  Cause there was something there for everyone.
Also I love to see the serving dishes that people bring, I'm a sucker for a pretty dish.  

 One of our guests brought this incredible carrot salad and was gracious enough to email me the recipe this morning.  I'll be making it and sharing the how-to on it a little later on.
 Deviled eggs, gee, gotta have those and they usually get gobbled up, fast.
 I love these little rollups, always a popular item, and so easy to just pop one into the mouth and eat. 
 Leon brought this 'Sous-vide' cooked Beef Salad.
Sous-vide is a method of cooking under vacuum and you can do some incredible dishes using this process.  And this salad was wonderful, the meat was as tender as you could wish and evenly cooked. 

 Here's another shot of the salad in the foreground, with a wonderful fruit plate at the back. 

I should say that sometimes, it's hard to get to the table to take pictures, but I manage to get pictures of most of the dishes.

 Fish with an incredible sauce, I think I could have eaten the sauce just by itself, or just the fish by themselves.  But together, wow.

 Foreground,  a lovely fresh black bean salad and just behind it, some wings I made.
To the left another lovely fresh salad, with corn and peas, dressed very simply with some fresh lime juice.

To the right some pickles.

 An overview of the table, before it got too crowded.

Front, an assortment of pickles, to the left going clockwise.  Fresh corn salad, chips, deviled eggs, fish, carrot salad, fruit plate, sous-vide salad and rollups.
 From the front, going clockwise, the fish plate, the assorted potato chips,  Cantonese style pork riblets I made, the carrot salad, fruit plate, sous-vide salad, beand salad, chips and salsa, deviled eggs.
 From the front, going clockwise again,
Rollups, pickle plate, corn salad, chips, deviled eggs, potato chips and dip, pork riblets, carrot salad, fruit plate, sous-vide.
 And after a few more people came, we had more additions to the table.  At the right front, some puff pastry nibbles, (and I snagged one right off the bat, cause I love puff pastry, and it was good).  Continuing clockwise, the black bean salad, deviled eggs, chips, egg dip, carrot salad, fruit plate, sous-vide beef salad, pickles, wings..

You think we have enough food here? 

I'm getting tired of typing, well not really.  But I do have more pictures.
 There was also this wonderful hot bean dip, which was way too moreish.   I got a picture of it before it got decimated.
 And then there was this wonderful dip/spread.  Look at those cute little spreaders.  I just love stuff like this.
 And then there was an egg dip, and in the back there, some deviled eggs with avocado and cilantro and jalapenos.  Yum
We can't have a gathering without pineapple and the Santa toothpick holder.  It's just not right without them. 
The island (Freedom by name), was full as well, I had put out some cold cuts, along with my bread and in the back ground the bean dip.

I have to say I love this island, not only do I have a dedicated prep area, it also adds some needed counter space for some of the food people bring. 

I made some Cantonese style Pork Riblets and they were also consumed.  I'll share the recipe at a later date.

I made another attempt at Sweet and Sticky wings as well.  I've almost got it.  But I'll keep trying.   I used a new ingredient this time and of course I'll share the recipe here, but not right now.

And finally, last, but not least, never least, we have desserts.
 Angel food cake made with Pineapple.  I managed to snag a slice.

And chocolate cake slices, gotta have some chocolate, somewhere. 
 Key Lime tarts, and again, look at the cool platter.  I think I need a couple platters like this, what do you think?

 Here's a long shot of the desserts, in the foreground, what looked to be really good bars,  I say looked to be good, cause I didn't get a chance to taste them, they were gone when I finally made my way over to the dessert table.   They're the fun layered ones made with saltines as a base and chocolate on top.
Back of them are the tarts, chocolate cake and angel food cake.
Key Lime pie, and it's a good thing I got this picture, cause when I looked again, there was none left.
And there you have it.  Another Tapas Night of fun, food and feasting.  (I just had to do the alliteration).

Stay tuned, there's more to come.  
Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

Sid loves to cook, feed people and have fun in the kitchen. She shares her successes and the involuntary offerings she sometimes gives the kitchen goddess as well. And she's still looking for the mythical fairy to help her clean the kitchen after a marathon cooking session. Currently working on a cookbook showcasing the recipes from her Danish heritage.

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