Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Italiensk Salat med Skinke

Ever since I managed to make such a great loaf of Rye Bread last month, I've been having fun creating or rather making Smørrebrød.
Italiensk Salat med Skinke

I've used some lovely leftover Tri-Tip along with the Asier I made last year
Tri Tip with Asier Smørrebrød
Leverposteg og Syltede Rødbeder Smørrebrød

 I've had some with Liver Pate and some lovely homemade pickled beets, which were a gift from a friend.

The leftover pork chop went great with the Agurk Salat last week as well. 

Agurk Salat on Svinekotelet Smørrebrød
And of course, you gotta have Sild (Pickled Herring)
Sild med Rugbrod


I've made some with Tilsit and Havarti Cheese, as well as some lovely brie.   And even more Leverpostej. (Liverpaste).

Actually I'm showing off here.  I didn't have any rye bread but did have some Rye Crisp crackers so I made do.

The sacrifices we make...

 Leverposteg og Tilsit Smørrebrød

 I found some Lurkak butter on sale awhile back, and I had to buy it. Look at that lovely stuff.  Honestly, I could eat it all by itself.  But I didn't.

I managed to find some Tilsit cheese in the 'big city' and also some Liver Pate and had a lovely lunch that particular day.
 But I was craving some Italiensk Salat og Skinke the other day.   And since I was at the Deli anyway, to get ham for a Chef's Salad, I had the deli person slice me a couple of pieces of ham.    I was going to make some Italiensk Salat to top the ham. 

This is the way we made it growing up, and for very special occasions, Mom would add some canned Asparagus to the salat as well.
Side note here:  Growing up I wasn't all that fond of vegetables, which considering we lived on a farm and had a market garden, was really kind of funny.  I loved raw veggies, but couldn't stand them when they were cooked.  Well, except for this dish.  Then it was all right to eat cooked veggies.

Now back to the recipe.

To start with, take a couple of carrots out of the fridge, peel and slice or dice them.   Small pieces though.  I like mine to be about the size of the peas, or make them into teeny coins.  Have fun with the shapes.

Cook in a little salted water until tender, then add an equal amount of frozen peas.  Fresh peas would be great here as well, but I don't have any.  My peas come frozen in a little bag.

Cook them together for just a couple of minutes.  Drain and let cool.

As soon as they are cool, add just enough mayonnaise to coat them.  Not too much, you don't want them all gloppy.  Place in the refrigerator and let them get acquainted, privately. 
Peas and Carrots and Mayonnaise for Italiensk Salat
Let them sit in there for an hour or so if you can.
Take a slice or two of nice rye bread, put a thin layer of butter on top, then place a slice of ham, arranged artistically, on top of the bread.  (You can also put this on French bread slices as well)
Italiensk Salat on rye bread
Top with a little of the Italiensk Salat.   Garnish, or as we say in Danish, pynt det med nogen dill.
Italiensk Salat on rye bread
I like a little parsley or some fresh sprouts on top as well, gotta make it pretty looking.   I used a little dill on here today. You do eat with your eyes as well. 
Now you will have to excuse me, I have to go and eat.
Italiensk Salat on rye bread

And if you're so inclined, go ahead and make some Smørrebrød and join me.
Actually, I'm in training.   I get to hang out with my sibs in a couple of weeks, and I know full well that there is more Smørrebrød in my near future.  I'm excited.  
Sid Munkholm
Sid Munkholm

Sid loves to cook, feed people and have fun in the kitchen. She shares her successes and the involuntary offerings she sometimes gives the kitchen goddess as well. And she's still looking for the mythical fairy to help her clean the kitchen after a marathon cooking session. Currently working on a cookbook showcasing the recipes from her Danish heritage.

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