Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Ideas

Easter's coming up, and if you have a glut of leftover hard cooked eggs, I've got a couple of ideas for you.

Personally, I love deviled eggs, just about any way I can get them.  And I have fun making them as well. 

And these little Easter Chicks are not only delicious, but fun to make and eat as well. 
 I made some Caper and Smoked Salmon Eggs for Tapas last month and they were AWESOME!!   A little more upscale way to serve a deviled egg, but totally delicious.

And I've got my Danish side as well, in fact I had some just the other day.  Skidne Æg.  Basically a hard cooked egg served in some Mustard Sauce.   You warm the egg up in the sauce and eat it. 
Skidne Æg

And if you're on the egg salad wagon, try these 'Egg Rolls' my friend Marge makes.  There is only one problem with them.  You have to get out of the way after putting the platter down, especially if you've served these before.  Cause, they're that good, and people rush up to get some and you can get knocked out of the way easily.   (and pardon the post, but it's one from when I first started this madness called a food blog.  I'm going to be revisiting this recipe in the future, in other words I'm making this again, soon.)

Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

Sid loves to cook, feed people and have fun in the kitchen. She shares her successes and the involuntary offerings she sometimes gives the kitchen goddess as well. And she's still looking for the mythical fairy to help her clean the kitchen after a marathon cooking session. Currently working on a cookbook showcasing the recipes from her Danish heritage.

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