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My 12 Favorite recipes from 2017

I started a little link party last year, well, actually in January 2017 asking bloggers to share their favorite recipe from the previous month.  Not the one that had the most views, but their own personal favorite.  That one recipe that amazed, delighted and blew them away with how good it was.  Their first one was actually the one they made in December 2016, but we'll say they were all from 2017.
And I got some great responses.   I'm going to continue First Monday Favorites in 2018 as well, because it's just fun.

I decided to go back and look at my favorite recipes from this past year and I'm sharing the links here.
In January I shared my favorite recipe, it was a Gingered Cranberry Compote/Chutney

And I used part of it for a  Cranberry Blush Cocktail 

Cranberry Orange Chutney Wings were totally scrumptious as well.

February I shared my recipe for Scottish Style Sausage Rolls, and in fact I've made them a couple of times since.
In March I featured a soup from my childhood, Klassisk Klar Suppe med Melboller. with lots of vegetables because I'm a grownup now and eat my veggies.
April I had to say that the Deluxe Carrot Cake
I made for the Legion Cake Raffle won as my favorite recipe for the month.
In May I featured another dish I'd been craving, a Rullepølse.
  Basically it's a rolled sausage.  I'd been craving one for a long time, and finally got around to making it.  In fact I've got some in the freezer, sliced and ready for eating, I've made it a couple of times for myself.
The next month, I made a real summery soup called Raspberry Soup,
and it was a hit, not only with me, but with some friends.
But wait, I'm not done with the soups just yet.  For July I had to share this one, Onion Veloute Soup.  
I made it for #SoupSaturdaySwappers, and totally loved it.
Next up is the Danish Remoulade Sauce followed by my  Lighthouse Crabcakes.  which became the next month's favorite recipe.  I've made them a couple of times since then and they're always well received.
 And I can say that the Crabcakes were award winning, I won first place with them.
The next month we were invited to a Brats and Sauerkraut dinner and I was asked to bring a hot potato salad.  My mind flew to the one my Mom made, but I'd never written down the ingredients and luckily for me my cousin came to my rescue with her mother, my Faster Magda's recipe.  So I made a Warm Potato Salad.
  And that one became my favorite recipe for the month.  Everyone raved about it, and they ate all but one teeny little serving so I had that for lunch the next day.   That took care of September's favorite, next up October.
This was one of those cakes that amazed, delighted and totally blew me away with how good it was. Candied Ginger and Pumpkin Bundt Cake. 
I mean HELLO!!! it was so moist, rich and flavorful.
I made an incredible Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cake
for a Legion cake raffle, and luckily for me one of my friends won it and shared it out.   I've got this on the list to make again and again.  I don't think it should be just for Thanksgiving.

I'm still trying to decide what was my favorite recipe for December this year, but you'll have to wait until the First Monday Favorites rolls around on January 1, 2018

And that's my overview for the year, my favorite recipes, month by month.
Here's the links to every month, and best of all you can see what my other blogger friends thought was their favorite recipe or post for the month:

I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be a fantastic, over the top, great year. 
I want to wish every one a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

I'm currently working on my next cookbook, a collection of fun appetizer recipes.  Stay tuned...

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Sidsel Munkholm - Author
Sidsel Munkholm - Author

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